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The Book, The Burial, by R. Penman Smith is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and directly from Tate Publishing. The Burial is a Spiritual Thriller with a dark twist and a redemptive outcome. The story springs out personal experience; ‘write what you know about’. Those who are comfortable with fantasy and are not afraid of the reality of the spiritual warfare inherent in Christian life will love this book.

Imagination is the faculty through which we discover the world around us, both the world we see, and that other unseen world that hovers on the fringe of sight. Love, joy and laughter, poetry and prose, are the gifts through which we approach that complex world. Through the gift of imagination we have stepped into an ever flowing river where the realm of Faerie touches Middle Earth.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


It was only a fleeting image.  A shadow imposed upon the wall in front of me as I walked through the lobby and approached the stairway to the upper landing.  As I drew closer to the wall my shadow, bobbing slightly with every step, grew steadily larger.  Suddenly another shadow, that of a woman with a rolling gate, appeared on the wall partially super-imposed on my shadow.  

I grasped the handle of the stairway door, turned slightly and looked behind me as I opened the door.  There was no one there, only a shadow with a rolling gate projected upon the wall.  As I opened the door the shadow seemed to pass silently through the wall.

Was the shadow real?  Certainly it was, but it was cast upon the wall by no physical presence.  It had not intended to be seen, in all probability it did not even know that it was seen; and it wasn’t in the slightest interested in me.

Here an odd question arises.  Perhaps, in the face of greater realities, I am a shadow living in a land of shadows, and that other shadow was not, in truth, truly a shadow, but something in that realm of different realities, more substantial than me.

Such stories tap our fear of the unknown, our fear of otherness.  Closing the stairway door, there is a momentary twinge, a small touch of irrational fear; but something else also happened in that instant.  Just as the door was closing I looked further back into the lobby and fleetingly saw a woman with a rolling gate entering through the lobby door.  In that instant I was given the choice of reality or illusion.  I chose the reality. 

But the point still remains.  C. S. Lewis tells us that we live in the Shadowlands, and it is not until we stand on heaven’s ground that we become truly real.  There are things, many things, more real than we, and all our lives lived in grace are lives being transformed in that greater reality.

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